Hostetler’s Construction, LLC
Emanuel Hostetler, General Contractor

About Emanuel

Season Taft works as Emanuel’s assistant from her home in Tennessee. She has been married 13 years and has 2 children.  She helps with all things related to Hostetler Construction. Her favorite things are chocolate and coffee. Now if Emanuel could only pay her in chocolate and coffee...

Emanuel Hostetler was born in Tennessee in 1975. He is the oldest of 6 siblings. He was raised in an Amish family and has lived in Tennessee, New York and Kentucky. He left the Amish in 2006 and now resides with his wife Fanny of 17 years and their 10 children in the hills of Kentucky.

Work History

Emanuel started working at a mini-barn shop when he was 15, got a sawmill job at 17 all while farming part time. At the age of 21, he bought the sawmill and in 1999 he hired workers to help run the mill as he went on to pursue construction full time.

In 2004 Emanuel built his first log home. As of 2014, he has built 29 log homes. He is a General Contractor and is able to build anything from a small porch to a million dollar custom log cabin. He is contracted with several log home companies, but primarily works with Hochstetler Milling.


Emanuel hard at work

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Hostetler Family 2014

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